22nd St. Comedy Bar

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About Us

How it started

Our mission

22nd St. is here to serve all of our costumers needs. Over the years we have taken our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun entertainment.

We believe everyone deserves to have fun for them to forget their problems by means of  entertainment that we give them. We are here to serve your needs, and make your visit with us that you will always remember.

Our History

Ten years ago, 22nd St. started in a small but cozy place along Marcos Hi-Way, Antipolo Rizal. The likes of Chocoleit ( who is now a T.V. personality and a regular of ABS-CBN sitcom "BORA"), is one of the pioneer stand up comedian of 22nd St. Gladys Guavarra, Ate gay, K Brosas, Ethel Booba ( who is also a celebrity of their own) started in 22nd St. We felt that our place is not enough to accomodate our costumers, so we transferred to a bigger and better place also along Marcos Hi-Way. We pioneered the Biggest Comedy Bar in the entire island, not also that we also pioneered a different kind of entertainment for our costumers to enjoy, With our kind of entertainment, Comedy Bars mushroomed because of us. We believe that giving our costumers the kind of entertainment they want is our obligation.